Data masking techniques - data masking vs. scripts

Data masking techniques: SQL scripts for data anonymization?

by IZeko May 20, 2019 About data masking

Recently, we have found ourselves in a discussion with a person that leads a testing department in a bank. We

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Meet BizDataX team at the RISK conference

Meet leading regional data masking experts in Laško, Slovenia

by IZeko March 13, 2019 BizDataX events, Customer stories, EU GDPR, Test data management topics

Media coverage and vendor communications regarding EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have been focused on multimillion fines facing companies

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BizDataX version 3.7 is released

BizDataX version 3.7 released

by IZeko July 03, 2018 BizDatax functionalities, BizDataX releases

Discovery process consists of two parts: finding all potentially sensitive data and then pruning the results: deciding if it’s really

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BizDataX 4.0 sneak peak

by IZeko May 25, 2018 BizDatax functionalities, BizDataX releases

GDPR is finally live and a large number of companies will start handling their secondary data with more caution.

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BizDataX version 3.5 released

by IZeko February 08, 2018 BizDatax functionalities, BizDataX releases

We have just completed BizDataX version 3.5 and are very excited to announce that our investment in this version was

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BizDataX version 3.4 released

by IZeko September 29, 2017 BizDatax functionalities, BizDataX releases, Uncategorized

During past few months, we have continued our work on a goal to get closer to broader audiences in clients’

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