data masking in Oracle

How to do data masking in Oracle in 2019

by IZeko November 06, 2019 About data masking

Oracle databases are among the best on the market. Users appreciate their various features, including new ones that the company

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Data masking techniques - data masking vs. scripts

Data masking techniques: SQL scripts for data anonymization?

by IZeko May 20, 2019 About data masking

Recently, we have found ourselves in a discussion with a person that leads a testing department in a bank. We

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The connection between GDPR and data masking

6 industries that must take GDPR compliance and data anonymization seriously

by IZeko June 23, 2018 Customer stories, EU GDPR

GDPR enforcement date is approaching and it appears that many companies are still not properly prepared.

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BizDataX success story at Mercury Processing Services International

Success story at Mercury Processing Services International

by IZeko October 02, 2017 Customer stories

We are happy to announce successful implementation of the data anonymization project at Mercury Processing Services International Ltd.

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