Resources and support for BizDataX modules

BizDatax works around packages – bundles of business logic integrated in Portal and Designer

Package Execution Process Details BizDataX by Ekobit
BizDataX Portal - Introduction and details

The Portal is a web application where users manage packages, projects, data sources and policies. This is where users execute sensitive data discovery and monitor package execution. It enables wide range of options to execute your goals.

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BizDataX Portal by Ekobit
Manage data sources and discover sensitive data

Once pointed to data source (relational database and files) BizDataX reads your data model. From here you can find personally identifiable information (PII) in your databases.

Specification and implementation

Using database model and sensitive data information let you write specification for Designer package developers, as well as set implementation parameters for Designer.

Execution with parametrization

Packages are reusable, and can be configured to run using different input values. This provides different databases as output (parameters agreed with package developers) while keeping optimized performance.


Reports show rack execution speed and performance, analyze performance bottlenecks, report for regulative purposes.

BizDataX Designer by Ekobit
BizDataX Designer - Introduction and details

The Designer is used to implement business requirements and data masking rules in packages ready for execution. Designer is an add-In for Microsoft Visual Studio that enhances the Workflow Designer. It enables defining the masking by simple drag&drop and enriches the toolbox with a great number of data transformation activities. Integration with Visual Studio debugger and a number of other features that support rapid workflow implementation are provided to make everyday life of users easier.

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Used by developers

Technical personnel usually works with Designer in order to prepare everything for the testing process.

Custom package development

Packages can be developed using .NET application framework + Visual studio, Microsoft workflow, Entity Framework and Source control.

Different types of functions

The Designer comes with pre-made drag&drop capabilities, but also it can be used for developing complex things.

All in one package

Transform your database using masking, subsetting and synthetic data generation toolbox