BizDataX 4.0 sneak peak

by IZeko May 25, 2018

GDPR is finally live and a large number of companies will start handling their secondary data with more caution.

Simply sending your production data that contain sensitive data to your testing or other departments is a serious violation of GDPR rules. We expect that many companies will start looking for a data anonymization/data masking solution that can easily allow them to transform production data in safe-to-use secondary data.

In current version of BizDataX our clients have to use two separate applications to generate secondary test data, Portal and Designer. The part of the process that is being done using the Designer isn’t always friendly to users who don’t have a programmer background. BizDataX 4.0 will give more control to Portal users, effectively expose the most important product features to project stakeholders that may not have developer skills. The Portal user would be able to find, select and mask production data. Let’s have a look how to mask a table from scratch.

1. Create new project and connect to your datasource

When you create a new project, the first step is to connect to a datasource that will be masked. Choose your provider type (DB2, Oracle, MsSQL), enter the connection string, and BizDataX will connect to your datasource and load metadata about schemas, tables, columns and relationships.

2. Discover sensitive data

Databases are large, and there is a lot of different types of personal data hidden deep in long forgotten modules. Names, addresses, identification numbers, emails, telephone numbers, to mention a few. Use Discovery to easily find all those columns and use that as input for the specification phase.

3. Fine-tune the specification

Discovery is a nice input to masking, but sometimes includes false positives. BizDataX provides contextual information needed to decide what needs to be masked, including loading a sample of the column in question.

4. Mask the data

When the specification is ready, the final thing is to start the masking. BizDataX provides monitoring functionality, which will notify you about various statistics while executing (number of records, time, processing speed).

That is it. The whole process is quick and applies to all your tables and columns. Contact us to show you more and to tell how you can start masking your sensitive files.

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