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BizDataX version 3.4 released

by IZeko September 29, 2017 BizDatax functionalities, BizDataX releases, Uncategorized

During past few months, we have continued our work on a goal to get closer to broader audiences in clients’

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BDX version 3.3 released

BizDataX version 3.3 released

by IZeko May 22, 2017 BizDatax functionalities, BizDataX releases, Uncategorized

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BizDataX Project kick off HP ALM

Project Kick-off for HP ALM and UFT integration

by IZeko April 05, 2017 Customer stories

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BizDataX GDPR preparation

Preparing for EU GPDR part 2

by IZeko March 21, 2017 EU GDPR

When discussing data protection strategies with our clients they often raise a question of whether to use data anonymization or

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BizDataX debuggin workflows

Debugging workflows

by IZeko February 03, 2017 BizDataX releases

When dealing with complex data structures and dependencies between various data repositories Test Data Producers need all the help they

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BizDataX EU GDPR compliance

Preparing for EU GDPR part 1

by IZeko January 19, 2017 EU GDPR

The goal of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that will come into effect in May 2018, is to harmonize data

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BizDataX smart data subsetting

Smart subsetting intro (part 1)

by IZeko December 20, 2016 BizDatax functionalities

Managing large databases within the testing environment comes with a cost. More often than not, testing teams require exclusive access

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BizDataX 3.2 version released

What’s new in version 3.2

by IZeko November 23, 2016 BizDataX releases

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