Meet leading regional data masking experts in Laško, Slovenia

by Valent Cerovečki March 13, 2019
Meet BizDataX team at the RISK conference

Ekobit is presenting BizDataX data masking toolset at the RISK conference on the 20th & 21st of March

Media coverage and vendor communications regarding EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have been focused on multimillion fines facing companies that fail to protect customers’ data. We all gradually move away from that and now can finally concentrate on new opportunities that GDPR is creating for IT departments. One example is the increase in budgets dedicated to enhancing data security and improving sensitive data protection in general.

Test data management is one area that has drawn a lot of attention. An increasing number of companies are rethinking how test data is generated and used. A previously common method of simply copying and using production data for testing is being replaced by new privacy-friendly approaches. Data masking is becoming the most widely accepted method for keeping private and sensitive data safe.

Data masking solves the problem but is far from trivial

Data masking or anonymization appears to be a simple task. You could just hand it to your DBAs and they would produce a script or two for masking names, addresses and account numbers. Instead of just copying production databases, they could add an extra step to mask the copies just before handing them to the rest, right? We’ve all learned it isn’t that simple. For example, it is close to impossible to ensure the integrity and consistency of data that span across different columns, tables and databases with such a naive approach. Data masking projects must be planned carefully, and professional tools are needed for producing good quality fake data or for being able to process billions of records in a reasonable time.

BizDataX is a comprehensive tool for data anonymization that provides complete data masking support and some additional functionalities like sensitive data discovery, synthetic data generation, data subsetting, etc. Important features, such as format-preserving or referential integrity preserving masking, ship built-in. BizDataX can handle huge amounts of data stored in Oracle, DB2, MS SQL or Informix relational databases. The tool could also be used to process CSV, positional or XML files. With processing speeds of around 1 billion records per hour, even the clones of large databases can be processed in reasonable time.

BizDataX masking tool helps, services save the day

We’ll be presenting Ekobit, the company behind BizDataX, at the RISK conference. We’ve become the regional leader in data masking and anonymization services, with many references and successful projects in our portfolio. We’ve taken the leadership position in Croatia with especially strong references in the financial industry. We are proud to cooperate with Erste bank, HPB, Raiffeisen bank, FINA, APIS IT, Mercury Processing Services, Erste Card Club and others. Our services support the clients to implement data masking using a controllable and manageable process.

Meet us at the RISK Conference 2019

Have you started with data masking in your organization? We are inviting you to meet us at the RISK Conference in Laško, the major regional IT security event, on 20th and 21st of March. Our experts will be available for discussions and live BizDataX demonstrations.

If for some reason you can’t be there, you can always contact us at for more information.

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