Complete solution for managing sensitive data

Protect customers' identity and manage test data used by testers and developers

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BizDataX is a powerful tool built to support and manage test data process. It allows to produce relevant and good quality test data using many different strategies and concepts, such as data masking. The solution produces data on schedule or on demand, meaning compliance with data protection policies all the time.

This is how BizDataX works

Database information
Sensitive data discovery

Once the infrastructure is ready, the only thing BizDataX needs in order to manage your data source is the connection string. We connect, read database metadata and create a model including schemes, tables, columns, primary and foreign keys.


BizDataX finds all places in your databases where sensitive data is hiding, even if you’re working with a legacy database you’re not that familiar with.

After the BizDataX discovers sensitive data (PIIs), it creates a starting point for your specification including all sensitive columns from previous step. So you can modify and add specification items according to your requirements.


Using BizDataX you create and edit a workflow based package (a bundle of BizDataX functionality). As a result, when you prepare a package, it is ready for execution without in-depth knowledge about the package itself.

While packages are executing, users can find performance bottlenecks and debug problems with the help of user interface. Moreover, this is also where reports about package executions are located.


Benefits for the users

Compliance with regulation

Less risk for the company because you use masked instead of production data.

Flexibility for test teams

Different teams manage test data for one or more test environments.

Out of GDPR scope

With masked/anonymized test data used, companies stay outside of GDPR scope.

Smaller test environment

Instead of using copy of production database, use only 10% of it.

More value for your investment

Some vendors are making data masking more complicated than it should be. They typically expect from customers to invest in new hardware, special software and to pay additionally for system integration. However we know that all you need is relevant test data. For this reason BizDataX offers key features you need at a much lower price. In addition, we don’t charge per processor, user or transaction.

Interested in exploring more? Check BizDataX pricing models.