Create small testing databases with data subsetting

Generate multiple test environments with valid and masked data

Generate small testing databases with BizDataX data subsetting

One of the biggest technical challenges when using production data in testing is that the data volumes are pretty huge. With BizDataX create realistic test databases, small enough to support rapid test runs, but large enough to accurately reflect the variety of production data.

Reduce the size of your database to a small valid subset

Managing large databases within the testing environment comes with a cost. Once BizDataX is implemented, the logic for database subsetting is packaged and can be reused via web application available to business users. They can configure parameters and create a new instance with a click of a button. Smaller test databases can directly affect your bottom line.

BizDataX reduces sizes of testing databases
Achieve lower infrastructure and database query costs
Lower infrastructure and database query costs

Assuming a production database has TB of size, the resources become critical: time required to create and manage those databases, hardware and licenses to run them on. When teams run their tests, it makes a big difference if they use a table containing 1.5 billion records or a table containing only 150 000 records.

Configure once and create subset database with a click!

Often customers need to have multiple copies of the environment (e.g. for 5 testing teams). BizDataX can produce a small target database with sensitive data masked. This makes it great for testing teams that require both realistic and consistent data.

Create create subset database with BizDataX

BizDataX covers typical data subsetting issues

Defining a subset

Tell us which records from the root table should be in the final subset (e.g. all customers from a given city, or other important criteria) and we will take the connected records as well.

Maintaining referential integrity

BizDataX has all database metadata, and can include everything by primary-foreign key. To maintain application integrity, you can enter relationships defined in the application logic, even if foreign keys are not defined in the database.

Preventing data explosion

Relational data tends to be very interconnected. If one follows all foreign keys, it could easily end-up with the whole database in the subset. BizDataX enables omitting the records or crossing the key boundary conditionally to prevent data explosion.

Optimize internal processes on all levels

Lean software development support

Data subsetting is perfect for multiple test teams. Each developer or team receives its own copy that can be used without fear of disturbing the development process.

Higher quality testing

Prepare databases that contain exactly the test data you need for quality testing. There is no need to waste time and deal with large production database that slow down your testing process.

Training preparation and organization

In-house training often requires properly prepared data. BizDataX can create a small database with masked data for training purposes. This is especially important for finance industry where employees need to have information about clients, receipts, transactions, etc.

Data subsetting allows significant cost reduction for organizations. Find out more by contacting us.