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BizDataX EU GDPR part 1

Preparing for EU GDPR part 1

by Ekobit January 19, 2017 Blog, EU GDPR

The goal of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that will come into effect in May 2018, is to harmonize data

BizDataX smart data subsetting

Smart subsetting intro (part 1)

by Ekobit December 20, 2016 BizDatax functionalities, Blog

Managing large databases within the testing environment comes with a cost. More often than not, testing teams require exclusive access

BizDataX 3.2 version released

What’s new in version 3.2

by Ekobit November 23, 2016 BizDataX releases, Blog

BizDataX QS Tag conference

QS-Tag 2016: Testing properly with proper test data

by Ekobit November 08, 2016 BizDataX events, Blog

BDX Version 3.1 version released

What’s new in version 3.1

by Ekobit March 29, 2016 BizDataX releases, Blog

BizDataX features - mask, subset, generate test data

How to mask, subset and generate test data in only one workflow

by Ekobit October 02, 2015 BizDatax functionalities, Blog

Secondary usage production data

The added value of secondary usage production data

by Ekobit April 19, 2015 Test data management topics

BDX 3.0 version released

BizDataX version 3.0 released

by Ekobit March 18, 2015 BizDataX releases

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