BizDataX Trial

Transform your production data into quality test data with data anonymization

Where to start?

First things first – download the zip file with a free BizDataX Trial.

The zip comes with two installation files, each for one component of the BizDataX solution: Portal and Designer. The order of the installations does not matter. After (or before) both Portal and Designer are installed, it is necessary to prepare the base to be masked.

Project dashboard BizDataX by Ekobit

BizDataX Portal

BizDataX Portal is a web application for managing data masking projects. The primary purpose of the BizDataX Portal is to enable different stakeholders to collaborate on discovering sensitive data in their databases, agreeing upon how this data will be masked, and executing masking algorithms.

BizDataX Designer

BizDataX Designer is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio that enhances the Workflow Designer by enriching the Toolbox with a significant number of data transformation activities. It is integrated with Visual Studio debugger and a number of other features that support rapid workflow implementation. The primary purpose of the BizDataX Designer is to design masking packages that are going to be executed.

BizDataX Trial data masking

To help you with the installation and setup of specific prerequisites, we have created the BizDataX Start guide.