The added value of secondary usage production data

by Ekobit April 19, 2015
Secondary usage production data

BizDataX can be used in IT and business scenarios other than the test data management where relevant data is of high importance. Production data can be transformed and prepared for secondary usage in business intelligence, knowledge management, even marketing and sales scenarios.

In its essence, BizDataX is an advanced ETL tool that transforms original (production) data or generates synthetic data according to the given business requirements. Where BizDataX stands out from the (ETL) crowd is the wealth of data masking, data generation and data subsetting features and the ability to offer an end to end data management solution including business requirements management, implementation and configuration management environment and the data transformation runtime engine.

Imagine a scenario where business person defines requirements for customer related sales reports taking under account the sensitivity of the data and the level of authorization salespeople, who will be allowed to access the reports, have. This requirements will be implemented using BizDataX, production data will be processed (masked, generated) as required and send to the authorized salespeople. This way salespeople will get the needed reports with information on their customer base without breaching any of the data privacy and corporate regulations.

BizDataX is extremely efficient in providing relevant data for secondary usage. It is designed to support a large number of different database formats, to execute unlimited number of BizDataX data transformation packages and has built in enterprise features like scalability, role based security and protocolling. This, along with other key BizDataX features enables users to manage production data for secondary usage on a large scale, knowing that their production data is managed according to the corporate and industry regulations.

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