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Using production data and personal information about clients in a non-production environment (development, testing) involves a lot of risk. BizDataX makes data masking/data anonymization simple, by cloning production or extracting only a subset of data. And mask it on the way, achieving GDPR compliance easier.

Mask sensitive data

Personally Identifiable information (PII) is any information about a client that could be used for  identification. It includes names, family names, addresses, national identification numbers, account numbers, medical records and more. BizDataX provides a convenient data masking toolbox for handling sensitive data in a way that conceals the identity and at the same time gives testers and developers data that ‘looks’ real.

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Data masking protects private and sensitive data
Find sensitive user data with BizDataX
Find sensitive user data

Companies typically have a large number of records in their databases, but often that data is not properly managed. Knowing the type of data you own and its location is the first step in the successful compliance quest. Using BizDataX and its sensitive data discovery module, multiple systems and databases are automatically checked and located, which means detailed insight into tables and records that might stay hidden.

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Make your test and development databases small

Each development and testing team should have full control over their own environment; they prefer to have their own copy of the database. With database sizes measured in terabytes, the numbers could stack up fast, especially with infrastructure, hardware and database provider costs. BizDataX enables creating smaller databases by extracting subsets of data from production, masking the data and keeping the database and application level referential integrity intact on the way.

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BizDataX data subsetting feature
Escape from GDPR with data masking
Escape from GDPR by anonymizing data

GDPR draws a lot of attention to sensitive data handling. People claim control over their personal data which means asking for consent every time you want to process personal data. Most of your clients would not approve to use their personal data for development or testing. Fortunately, if you use data masking/anonymization, you are good to go. Once anonymized, the data is out of GDPR scope.

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Large companies use BizDataX to mask their sensitive data

BizDataX references and clients

BizDataX has everything you need to produce and manage test data

Sensitive Data Discovery

Let BizDataX find sensitive data (PII), even if you manage large or legacy databases.

Synthetic Data Generation

Use synthetic data to cover scenarios where production data is not available.

Test Data On-Demand

Clone, subset or anonymize production; create new test database with a single click.

Start integrating BizDataX in your testing process

BizDataX is built for clients that have various data masking needs

Security Officers

Focus on policy management, business requirements, sensitive data governance and other regulations.

Database and Business Analysts

Track inventory of databases, data sources, tables and want to know where sensitive data is located.

Test Data Engineers

Implement, test and publish masking and subsetting rules using BizDataX Portal and Designer.


Reserve test data using BizDataX Web portal.


Replace half-functional and error-prone scripts with BizDataX to mask/anonymize large databases full of sensitive data.

Credit Card Processors

Have databases and files in sync to test imports and transaction processing connected with large databases.

Parcel Delivery & Logistics

Manage large customer databases and exchange data with online partner shops and parcel delivery companies.

Insurance Companies

Management of medical records is heavily regulated. Regulatory compliance is important and can be achieved with data anonymization.

We make data masking simple. Let our teams help you with your questions.

Some things our clients say about us

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BizDataX reference - Raiffeisen bank
"Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Zagreb is one of the largest banks in Croatia. In our databases we keep some very sensitive data about our customers, their accounts and transactions. Because of that, data secrecy is one of our crucial obligations. Our production database tables (AIX/DB2) are several hundred million records large and we evaluated different solutions primarily for performance and technical feasibility in our environment. The outstanding performance of BizDataX was above our expectations. It uses an intermediate database, so the masking procedure was quick and had no impact on our target system, while the data merging process was fast and predictable."
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BizDataX reference - Mercury Processing Services
"Based on our very good experience with Ekobit’s professional staff and their .NET technology expertise, which helped us in the past to build our card management system, we have decided to continue with implementation of BizDataX test data management tool. And we were not wrong. Implementing the tool has helped us in many ways to get reliable and relevant test data very fast. It integrates in our development process just perfectly and enables us to significantly improve our quality assurance systems, while at the same completely assures compliance with data privacy regulations."
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BizDataX reference - APIS IT
"APIS IT provides IT services to different public sector organizations in Croatia, like state tax and customs administration and the City of Zagreb. IT systems in use by our customers collect tons of sensitive information which needs to be masked before further use in the process of software developmet and testing. We’ve worked with BizDataX to mask a database containing data about health care providers in the City of Zagreb. The results were more than satisfactory, masked data was de-identified while it remained useful for secondary usage. Masking worked well despite the fact that we have had to deal with complex interdependencies among different information systems."
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BizDataX reference - GLS
"General Logistics Systems (GLS) is one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe servicing over 220.000 customers in 41 European countries and in all major business centers of the world. Their business relies on high quality IT services which are being developed and tested continuously. To support the testing process and to maintain compliancy regarding the data privacy regulations GLS relies on the BizDataX Test Data Management solution. BizDataX enables them to extract and anonymize subsets of data from the production systems for testing purposes. Data subsets relate to specific distribution centers or ZIP codes and are additionally anonymized according to GLS specific algorithms within a single package run. A very important aspect of the solution is its flexibility in terms of workflow customizations and access to various data stores. GLS data is stored in both relational data stores and flat files and both can be accessed and orchestrated within a single workflow ensuring data consistency and integrity during the sub-setting and anonymization process. Ekobit also provided GLS with high-quality workshops that reduced significantly the learning curve and enabled GLS staff to exploit the power of the BizDataX platform to the full. "
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